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Need to price more work? Don't have enough Time?



Our mission is to Develop and Maintain a long-term successful business relationship with our clients by providing them full satisfaction regarding Turnaround time, Price, and most importantly reliable accurate measurements.


Pricing new work is a constant issue for most of us in Business. We offer a simple service that takes the pressure off business owners and staff when it comes to ensuring that new work is always being tendered for your current or new clients.


PEA subscribe to most Tender Search companies for New Commercial Projects throughout Australia which we would be happy to discuss with you in detail. PEA work with a large range of Businesses to improve their tendering and estimating process. Some firms use us to outsource all their measuring and estimating, whereas others have us work alongside their in-house estimating team to manage overflow.


P.E.A offer your company the opportunity to save a large amount of money by P.E.A. completing all the arduous work for your Projects. We even produce a tender letter to be submitted for the project bid with all the Includes & Excluded items on each project. Contractor will also receive marked up drawings.


Rather than have the constant expense and commitment of a full-time Staff Member, why not simply let Painting Estimating Australia manage it for you? Painting Estimating Australia specialised in Painting, Epoxy Flooring & Rendering take-offs for New Commercial Construction projects.


We have been in the Construction Industry for over 40 years, with this comes a large amount of knowledge for having easy to follow systems in place for a constant workflow for Contractors. Our main aim is to facilitate contractors into being more productive in the tender market process for New Commercial Construction Projects. PEA use the latest software for on screen take-offs for all our projects.


We are 100% committed to thorough detail in our Take-offs & Description of finishes required for each project, small or large. As everyone knows in the Construction Industry Tenders are very time consuming not to mention the time frames for closing dates are even a bigger challenge in the Industry. Our main objective is to remove all the arduous work for the contractors who in most cases are (Time Poor).


PEA facilitate contractors in sourcing New Commercial Projects. We help contractors to submit tenders on time for the Clients. We compile a complete Includes & Excludes list at Tender stage, so everyone is on the same page. We eliminate all the downtime for contractors by downloading & viewing all documents to ascertain their trade requirements for each project.

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Send a copy of your project drawings through to us. We will then view the drawings and get back to you with a quotation price to complete the BOQ.


P.E.A. source new Commercial Projects for our New Clients. All we need is a current preferred working zone you prefer to work in your State & types of projects you prefer. We search New Commercial Projects on a daily basis.

When you become a new subscriber with P.E.A. we can provide you with current projects for your trade.  


P.E.A. would then forward projects to you to see if you are interested in those projects.


The corner stone for successful business relationships are communication, trust, and great service at a fair price.


Thanks for subscribing!

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